Sunday, June 28, 2020


at the bbq talking about trains
looking at an earwig

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

pepper's ghost

measuring days by the strip of sunlight
sliding across the balcony

looking forward to the church bells
at noon and then six

how summer melts time down
into one thick blurry memory

hot skull radiating
under the cold shower

I admire our friend
who volunteers at the test site all day

then swims in the schuylkill
smokes and drinks all night

online anatomy class is like a computer game
with satisfying green checkmarks

but I feel faint honestly
just looking at an x-ray of a spiral fracture

being a hologram is not unique
not negative, not positive

we are all that - shifting
reborn constantly

even a tattoo is only
as permanent as a person is

heavy cartoon 2

vivid dreams
of wet flowers
and hamburgers
woke up sick
from the game

scrolling thru for
who's into
soft moods

how hang ups
need company
singing, the hook 
on which everything hangs

the broken heart
in my recents,

forgot a pen
big despair!
big rot
veins of mold

too open to truth

the other beach earlier

the birds in a slow v
   a few slow v's

loving the curve of this
the curse of his
long long
to be in [it]
he put in my head
that I could be 
falling out

a solid, old shell

draw on my legs
with this pen and 

imagine you watching
while I run through everything

how later we say
I was going there all the time

Saturday, June 20, 2020


3rd person dream
where many karens
in big dumb sunglasses
are on 5th avenue
looking at their reflections
in shop windows
and screeching
when they find just
floating sunglasses
and track suits
no faces, no bodies
classic vampire style

Friday, June 19, 2020

heavy cartoon 1

the tragedy of love's

    addresses: written

I miss him and
knew this valley would come
the view from before, 
playing, high

no cool place for this mood,
the back of a truck

humbled by what clouds
share with fog
by going
room to room

forgetting waiting
just moving

they found this big egg
to study, like they say
in your own backyard

a sort of preconfiguration
to retrieve pleasure from bs
longing from fossils
we haven't even
turned the corner

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

never look back

losing and finding
my mind
reading about
the brain's tender mother
tree of life
and spider silk
losing and finding
myself stoned like
a cortical homunculus
that must explain
the feeling of very big
very far away
hands you could drive to
Mom said she
rolled her car
covered in oil
2 broken fingers
a somersault
in San Felipe
her dog jumped out
one of the open windows
and ran until she died
in the desert
crows circling
losing and finding
my mind she says
it's not madness
I was chosen 
for an interesting life
and so were you
I can't actually
feel anything
about it
lost and found
reading about the mountain
that eats men
the first city of capital
Potosi birthplace
of the dollar sign
what if I melt
my silver bracelets
and pour them back
into the earth
I don't know what's
most important
how to hold it all
my "brown" grandma
is the most racist
Mom says now it's 
just adding zeros 
in computers at least 
in the days of silver
and gold you could 
get the old coinage
stamped with the insignia 
of the new regime
I'm not brave
thinking only in
the radical present
because what if
there is no later
fearing a long
empty life or
death without 
meaning stuck
outside &
in between

Sunday, June 14, 2020

song of the summer

when longing

silence vs.
learning (in vogue)

the big cloud
from earlier
in rare patterns

spelling something

my middle
sliced, I lay back
in the shade


a certain solidarity

the blue sunrise
the broomstick

but what I thought
we could share
is astray

the windy park
last tuesday

how morning
slips into the sum

to change my mind
I look left, right

with neck and hips

the psoas, the buoy
our song

lying's link
to levitation

not a single solid


the dip in us
from behind

for now, ahead

the lapping urgency

as a piece of puzzle
the answer,
she calls it cake

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Thursday, June 4, 2020

atoms & evening 2

we humans have an amazing 
ability not only to perceive 
different sensory stimuli but 
also to assemble multiple 
sensory stimuli into a single 
mental picture or idea. for 
example, the sound of a snake
moving through leaves is processed 
in one part of the brain, the sight 
of the moving snake is processed 
by another, the color of the snake 
by another, the feel of the snake’s 
scales by another, and the smell 
of the snake’s musk by yet another

Monday, June 1, 2020

my daughter

she was beautiful and appeared
between may 30 and 31
I was eager to show her off
my life was exactly as is
mundane corners, skin
raging, stuck here

she had blue eyes (?)
for a moment but
mostly, she belonged to no one
she shape shifted 
and I could only 
think of her

at a thrift store 
I bought her tiny doc martens
with bells, for Christmas
shopping for my daughter
just me in my body

I hoped that when she grew up
she would never feel the need
to lie about what I gave her
or did for her

I woke with her around, real

our broken hearts

being our own 

hold her close
in the streets