Sunday, September 22, 2013

Is it even real that America happened like this
Are we living in a real place

liquefied with the heat can you see how its darker
Molasses legs are back
air like water
good thing the train smells like
fresh laundry and feels like ice

dream where no one he introduces me to 
remembers my name and he is defensive for me 
ending in two snakes coiling around each other

wanting to buy myself some practical new identity-wear
tasty fruit game on the iPad to my right

is drunk what it feels to be old?

the child of parents
a figment
cerebral cutie

morphy edges freak
i will always be a gangsta
i will never be a ho

my hands are dir T
dark dark juice
this is no novelty to me
that is no novelty to you
dark dark juice
my hands are dirt T

the difference in waiting to be tapped on the head in dark dark juice and being the juice

think about the sun and

love of life
husband and wife

Califonia feels 
the wide and lifted
birds in a certain way 
plus wooden table coffee beans
and cement space for trash cans
being pulled to the curb
around the side of the house

width of windows and mild people
wearing colors like
2010 my twin my twin

reading tween
poolside birds and brown skin
12 again drive me around
quiet and brown
3 through 17 again i used to heard
so many birds want you so bad

Why did I cry?
I'm a clown in here
Compulsively hitting up the dollar rack
Listening to the neighbors talk about how a lady tried to kill her boyfriend with antifreeze in his coffee telling him it was Splenda

Not so fresh fruits and veggies
It's ok if you don't want to come see
I'm getting lazy in the work place

Rich people are income generators they make money make money
What's the most righteous thing to consider the situation

What's the most righteous to say that this situation

We are all victims and beneficiaries of our own magical thoughts. We are self-fulfilled prophecies.

Niagara is a sad town
The falls pull you towards them
So many empty storefronts
tourist failings
No spa
Shivering next to the pool
While you smoke
I want to be made of mist
If I can't be made of gold
   with you

Saying yes when you want to say no

But I miss my baby
It is cloud 9
When you touch my face

I think we both have strong magical thoughts

Blue pie
Blue morning glories
Blue sweater
Blue church

Did my hair stop growing when we met

Words are easy
Feeling satisfied by the ocean
for what it is for what it is
is hard

You're always at war with yourself
Internal battle

Friends who were sad and with lots of drugs
versus my true blue you