Friday, December 23, 2011

how to share clothes with your 1/2 sister:

raise your glass to tink tink crash those cans and wink you are all alone but you just fetched the bouteille so wine for this sticky situation it is dangerous and equal to the lacking ladder to the primary loft box this witch takes on with damp palms and hesitation
sour human lint legs covered by three days of splinters and bed puff "puff" how to not hate this:
(how to not be paranoid):
first things first
fuck with your hormones in powder form and
stay hungry with splinters and 4-6-5-mili-grams for your whatever.T.I
you gave to me a witch gift of get out of jail free- perpetually
for eternity! but how bottomless how boundless and selfless of you
to treat me to the treat of no court fees no cranberries no
all the stucco is cheap when you are given the powder with power and iron you can pump through the sheets to the sour and deep fried pleasures of life-
anegada cow wreck
bite bitch
sea salt rash
ground frozed hash
give me that: right before
left after
it can happen to anyone anywhere if the enzymes don't match the rubber don't matter if the chemistry's whack so
how to not slap:
raise your glass