Saturday, October 27, 2012

many world

como nada three raw eggs in a dish
place them under the bed 
two hundred marks made in blood
that looked like a cardiograph 
angus the cat staring at the cold spots 
thanks for teaching me so much witchstuff
the hill of the martyrs grant money
that dark place on palace avenue
heads of the native chiefs on stakes around the plaza
jackson was conceived during a conjugal visit
sheena is half navajo
theresa natalie mary kilpatrick
specter detector and the riveting story
do you hate talking to a wall
or do you love how it just reverberates back

i saw mr. president before the speech
i was using his microwave in the wings
he was shy to ask my affiliations
i wished him good luck and hoped he knew then

sad on the new carpet
baby and me in a box
what were we watching
why the hole in my hand

am i bouquet right now?
is everything bouquet?