Friday, August 10, 2012

peñasco county

acidity of the airplanes
where was i?
where have i been?

absorbed by properties of matter
versus material property
how i hear things explained
how someone may live in a place
and know things about it
but walking through its clear
the warehouses do as they please
and no one tells the trash and grit
to be just there like so

sorrow of older
sorrow of no sorrow
sorrow of no secrets

when we arrived
there was the adobe house
as i remembered
moondust all around it
the floor tiles were flat and malleable
like the welcoming reception
would fall over with a knudge/
would not crack with a hammer

like the Peking Meat Co.
A.I.R. on Second Floor
and the mound of hot everything
with lux nova coming through a hole
in the corrugated steel roof -
they will not embrace you

she is icy to touch
but warm blooded sun
earth and true as ever
to look at