Monday, January 27, 2014


walking down the 
street being a girl 
seeing an empty 
bottle of Bombay 

thinking about how 
to draw what exactly 
that means to me
and how to draw a 
baby who is hopeless
*allegorical action shot*

living vicariously 
through that
the Sapphire Stranger
it is a glass bottle 
laying dewy in the 

dewy and I’m just 
walking past it
must have been a 
wild in the grass

living vicariously
through the reflective
tape on a mans coat
flashing in our headlights
as we drive past him in the dark
that is not my life

dropping off my sister 
at a boarded up house
where she slips through 
the chain link 
and disappears along 
side it
there is no light at all 
coming from inside it
it must be exciting 
to be the bad ones
inside it

a friend of hers 
works on old houses 
like that one and his 
boss lets him sleep 
in them

one time in the attic 
of a little victorian
his hand impulsively 
reached up to one
of the rafters and he 
pulled down a red purse 

inside the purse 
was a handful 
of gold jewelry
a gun, and a torn
out newspaper 
article about a 
missing girl with 
a red purse