Sunday, January 31, 2016

Same Party

an aisle seat view of
3 train cars ahead
all open sesame like
pink twinkies or
sausage links
swaying heavily

people are puffy

it's new year's eve
and down coats are going
about their special occasions
each one a twin in the cold

one may as well trudge along
with their train neighbor
linking arms! or just sipping air
puffy and stoic
in the dark black like friends
as if
walking in silence is comfortable
as if the same party is theirs

and when they pass a warmly lit window
framed by faux frost and dried chilis
one down shadow enters the shop
and the other keeps walking
one down shadow orders a bun
and the second gets mugged
not long after

the old days, the pink tea parlor

some pink silence
some soft waiting
it's a moving clock!
arms and hands
little puffy sausages!
gripping the little poles
the cold train on the tracks
covered and accented by
mostly dark but some
cuddy gems in the teeth
or a buried ring
draped with a glove
like a little dead body
in their bed

still with wonder perhaps
of mauve, of dead pink
of open doors, the
meaning of express

or the feeling of express
the feeling of the sausage
cars lining up quickly
stars lining up quickly
a secret tea parlor blown out
online, so we stand in a queue
on the bloody ankle where
there is no view
from either end of this little curved road
so no one can see what happens here
in the middle
gangsters used to give each other
bloody ankles here
outside the tea parlor