Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer Draft 2015

feeling the lightness of my forearms 
when I hold them 
above my head
in the morning

remembering the desperation 
to roam free as a teen

all of our investment
in this animal life
a hollow skeleton
on the side of the road

spells being cast in every direction
and at the end of the day 
we are someone, somewhere
poised to care 

furry flesh falling off the skeleton
trying to figure out what 
kind of animal at 90 mph

feeling high 
on the open road 
so many stories
make me wanna curl up
in a ball and 
not share

but my lifes not the craziest
I heard of

still constantly waiting
to take myself 
to the emergency room
obsessed with the freights
my trains of thought
"there's a romance to it"
along the river…
of life

I don't want to derail you
but I do want to feel
your open death bottle

the northern US like
a bowl of oatmeal
with dinosaur eggs

everything is meat!
free and meant to be