Monday, September 19, 2016


Why Does Clothing Factor So Heavily In My Dreams 1
The humongous store in town 
We take a train to work there 
A red and white gingham print floor length dress
And beaded curtains made up of 
dusty pearly plastic swans and angels for sale

Kiki is growing LSD in flowers
They look like big fluffy hibiscus flowers, lots of chiffon-y layers
The more woven and complex the vines on the trellis,
the more potent the acid
The plants look like braided challah 

Why Does Clothing Factor So Heavily In My Dreams 2
Gap made a line of clothes with nonsense statements on them 
One shirt said 
badass womemem HONestly yellow is for
ft. the image of a blender full of gradient juice

the coolest item was a long red jersey dress 
cut like a large straight t-shirt 
but with Victorian puff sleeves made out of sparkly pink & white tulle 
The back said DEMONER in thick all caps
ft. a beautiful print of a baby devil doll flying