Sunday, November 19, 2017

private prop

the day is a phone
even when the days are fun like baby
blocks 3 fun days big blocks in a row

they’re still big and there’s climbing 

I walk the blocks that are long curves
invisible until I am outside
the mysterious happenings 
of our neighbors

trusting the unconscious mind
to connect the dots
is the creepiness in writing 
this desperation
in trusting as I walk
eyes so wide as to
drink all potential

pine cone garden
pink newspaper sleeve

am I exercising am I

private property
oranges that 
look like limes
at first

one birdhouse
in an empty garage
a blonde bombshell
her pending sale

on the block with the liquor store
where the guy thought Tyler said
correctors when he was trying
to say characters
like Mickey Mouse?
I make videos
so color correction?
no like Mickey
this stuck so
this block I see
trees that look
like bony cartoon
correctors, naturally

part me of wants
to be in the know
about what it takes 
to rent-a-fence
to have complete
knowledge of the
neighborhood in
simple lego-like terms
but only the first
part when oranges
are still limes
the first part of
sims when it's 
all naming and 
what is it about
setting up that's so

a slime patty coated in dirt
draped over an electric box
it shocks me