Monday, November 5, 2018

Sunday Prompt: A Household Poem

A Household Poem
sounds like it's something
for everyone in the house to hold
like a household dog
something shared
I imagine it on the fridge
it could be like rules or
a chore chart cooking
has been reheating

I think of the old Christian Guys
who founded Hermon scary
around the fireplace in 1912
rats probably maybe harmony

my grandma's pet rat Georgia 
lived on her kitchen counter
she was tan and white with
red eyes and now I need
clorox wipes

my grandma has already
visited me in every dream
I've almost given up on 
sleeping don't count on it
need to cushion the ends
of it with pillows but
they are still suffocating
in garbage bags outside
which reminds me
I need to take out the trash

tonight's sleep cushioned 
on either end with the 
grumbling of trash can
wheels and then the
chaos of garbage truck

it's hard to believe 
they don't crush cars
with the claws

yesterday, I read a children's book
called Trashy Town
there was a lot of repetition and
it was about a real garbage man 
named Mr. Gibby