Saturday, February 9, 2019

Here My Love

sadly everything 
is spending money still
both fun and not
so thoroughly embroiled in it
a cog in the neighborhood 
in the city in the state 
in the country in the world
remember those children's books,
ZOOM? no words just drawings
zooming out and out and out

I wanted the new Jessica Pratt album

to be a tide turning 
away from that feeling
Happy Lunar New Year </3
not sure if it's good or bad
that with my new iud
I don't bleed anymore
I just cry a lot for a week

listening to Quiet Signs

in the dark AM driving to work
Friday, soft day
all the dusty rectangular holes 
that were chiseled in the 
road on my commute route
for pipe maintenance? who knows
were filled will soft tar
driving over them finally 
was like a bandaid 
heart balm 
for my emo soul