Wednesday, March 6, 2019

gray vs zest

the shimmy light on buildings 
don't you hate when the turn signal 
jams a bit like you hurt it?
I drive bad and slow to take pics in this light
wind chimes, metal flowers, a weber grill chained to a fence

abruptly pull over to visit Colonial Iron Works
favorite storefront
a big display window (with its own weird victorian roof)
proudly baring a symmetrical presentation
of stair railings and a gate, painted white
a beautiful installation
I love it because it's like jewelry for buildings

there is a long driveway on the left side it turns out
bricks and dusted over warehouse windows
leading to a parking area and the entrance on the side
gravel and a fence in the back right up against the train tracks
there is a minivan parked there 
with four kids in it?
waiting for their ironworker dad to get off work?

no one at the front desk, dusty windows
all the high counters and walls are 1970s brown 
nothing hung up, no pictures or weird certificates
just shadows cast by the serifs, swirls and flowers

even though I logically know
it's impossible for me to remember
that after the garbage feeling 
comes another daisy moment

the spicy difference between 
gray and 
that I can't control
makes me believe in
brain chemistry
like today 
looking at a metal flower
is different than yesterday or tomorrow

but maybe it's not just me
the dogs at the park act differently
smiling, playing nicely, the conditions are right
I take my trip group to the contemporary art museum
and everyone is in the best mood
greeting Linda the security guard like an old friend
all three exhibitions are fucking beautiful
a rush, a wave

keep the daisy feeling