Monday, June 14, 2021

"...whatever cute shape I created before sleep that became a trap my leg out papers on the bed/hot"


dreams of good people being

slow at their jobs/loved ones

who get memos and take 

no action, the low battery 

business/backing it up 

at the post office 

in velvet ropes 

and   further parties

zero breaks 

from the 


the job I quit before

starting I walked

through her 

front yard 

was half pool

my wet boots

a children’s caterpillar

some friendship advice

just me and my 

alphabet soup 

as the Joy

my spreadsheets for it ^

how to allocate to you

and you


in my dream this random bitch

who I assumed secretly 

hated me was really 

supportive of me 

when I expressed

how I had decided to 

experience something

a certain way/a peaceful 

montage played

throughout our phone call


next it was my birthday 

and I told yves how it was 

my birthday and how

most of the day I'd forgotten

and they held me for it

then my 2nd grade crew 

(Rasheed and Drew)

arrived on a different tail wind

our historical trio of

baby legislature rubber 

balls in the empty classroom 

chairs stacked/vague

responsibility plus

the joy of our sort 

of sanctioned game


I knew well you were in the room 

I wanted to end the party/

cap it at 1 night but 

I was with mom so

no chiseling of 


we walked through a flooded city

water at our hips, behind a row of tall

matching people the vibe was actually 

high and mom stepped playfully on a 

fire hydrant