Friday, December 20, 2013


Noting the resolution of the prince, the gods suddenly cast a spell on the young women, leaving them in distorted postures and shocking poses. One lay leaning against the side of a window, her slender body bent like a bow, her beautiful necklace dangling. Another, with loose and disorderly hair, lay like the figure of a woman trampled by an elephant. Her ornaments and garments having slipped from her back, her necklace scattered. And another, of great natural beauty and poise, was shamelessly exposed in an immodest position, snoring out loud, with her limbs tossed about. Another, with her ornaments and garlands falling off and garments unfastened, lay unconscious like a corpse, with her eyes fixed and their whites showing. Another with well-developed legs lay as if sprawling in intoxication, exposing what should have been hidden, her mouth gaping wide and slobbering, her gracefulness gone and her body contorted. Seeing this, the prince was disgusted.