Saturday, December 14, 2013

wind chime

thinking sex in shapes
curved like the mirror behind us
the headboard
I have seen this before
but not with the waves


no one feels it getting cold
we just like to talk about it
what's it like to be winter in dreamland?
to have weird weather in dreamland
its like waking up happy to awake
with your windows still shut
only opened in a dream
so its hot

no distance from the sun
I am psychic about when I get shocked
like the water fountain above the carpet
with the vacuum cleaning blocking 
my drinking position

about the weird weather
the second floor is a heavy difference
in temperature
like going room to room
heavy differences
in temperature

maybe I am wise
but chest pains why
wine lips, maybe


thinking of sex like shapes
my barefeet on some
cool, damp earth
I fantasize of grounding mysef
in the pale light
losing it all in the hills
with wind like skin