Tuesday, July 15, 2014

tell me hoodoo

Reading val verde in val verde
In the dusty rose velvet armchair 
ok's new porch I am still and dry 
floating high above the houses
in the desert heat like water 

I love a toy view
Tiny dog and his tiny shadow
running into a tiny garage
short of breath with it all
three books in different places 
on my lap lightly anchoring me
I might be swept away!

dusty rose is like a lonely lady
in her adobe abode waiting 
I've never been a sincere part of 
anything besides my own flaccid mind
It's all legendary to me
like Where Are They Now
Even when I know exactly where they are
Faint Scent of Ajax with Strong Scent 
of the California native plants 
Literally a mariachi band somewhere 
down in the canyon

When you stop growing you start dying 
something I read and will never forget
Long and lately like is this over yet
Only so many evolutionary revelations
you can roll through before your system
is overwritten and you can't learn anything new

chopping off fingers at the jewelry store 
Using my new red hair as a paintbrush 
when it's still bleeding a little
but today I noticed how cows nod 
their heads when they walk

Green rocky road
Tell me who you love
Who do you love 
tell me hoodoo
I could stay right here for 
a long long time