Tuesday, October 14, 2014


we made a mermaid movie
in the Hawaiin Hut
I wrapped a sheet around my legs
to show that I was a mermaid
but also to show
that I was wounded
we were thinking
we'd cut to a shot
of our raw salmon steak
which would be the wound
but we forgot
and ate it

I love you so much nene
I love you so much wife
I wanna stay in the herb garden
forever smelling
pizza and gum
between my untainted fingers
jumping out of the car
and into the water
running to where its calm

this bathing suit makes me feel
like a corrector
blue with white polka dots
ruching and pads and
all smiles and using my
arms in stride
like some lady
who only wears
vintage clothes
that fit her body

I want to go to bed
before 10 pm
before 22
wake up 21

nothing is really
before too long
its just going
like running
to the calm
in a one piece
and then jumping
back in
the blue car
you came from