Friday, October 3, 2014

For October

stealing internet from our neighbors
is theirs slow too
ours is
the ebola virus has
reached US soil
in Texas of all places
no one thought much of his
fever post Africa
plates with Grace
Japanese style
radish rows
up late
red wine
box spring
hot fall

Oh, October!
sweating and
looking at
at the store
still carve ya
still paint ya
but but

what song will I listen to at this red light?
scanning the radio
it's all about what the world seemed like
when you first heard that song
how big it seemed 
how the way you think
makes you friends
but no one thinks like you
all these people on the radio
with their voices about
a certain topic
no one thinks like us
I just don't get it
"people killing people dying
…where is the love?"
I learned the dance to this song
and I still don't get what
my dance teacher was thinking

up late with my crafts is 
a moment to reassure me
that I am not sick
that nothing could ever be wrong with my body
I poke my bellybutton with a needle
I have three pokes left over
a poke in my elbow
awaiting no call
fingers crossed y'all