Monday, August 13, 2018

Kesey 4


the dream with the amulets
sewn into the gossamer underwear
for sale at the thrift store
plastic cracker jack rings and
colorful charms we were touching
all of the underwear like it was good luck

when we went to his house
Babbs said anytime you're 
thinking about something 
you're angry about or someone 
you're mad at just stop and think 
about the time you were climbing
up that mountain and the stream 
opened up and you were able
to walk into a cave and in the
cave was a fish and the fish 
opened up his mouth and said 
can you dig it?

what does it mean to be woken up
by hundreds of birds trying to get
into your bedroom?
fluttering against the eaves of
my corner room with
two walls of windows
the sound was like pebbles or a
wooden xylophone a frenzy
in the gold morning light
one sat on the sill needling
its beak into the screen
what's going on birdies what 
do you want?

Babbs wanted to say something
about happiness but his
younger wife cut him off
embarrassed or maybe just
bored with his speeches
but he started to say something
about how you have to try to
really dig your life
really dig your life and I'm not
talking about with drugs or
alcohol or anything but to 
really be partying everyday