Monday, August 6, 2018

mood song

so done
at the botanical garden
sitting on every bench
green shadows and
garbage cans
for some reason I see those best
I'm looking for
recycling bins
I'm looking for somewhere
cool and breezy
trying to get what I can
from this visit maybe

woman in "good mood" shirt
and Chanel belt buckle --

I wanna go home and
see a friend, wanna
lay in someone's lap
been hallucinating friends
on the street everyone
is almost someone

--good mood
is wrangling her children
in the greenhouse
for photos, almost
pushed her daughter
into the creek now
parked in front
of me at this bench

I have become hateful
trying to rethink the idea
of capacity, more than full
in more ways than one


the profound relief of sunset

my new white pants glow
it's all even and airbrushed
the moods, I think
where are the chaperones
everyone playing in the park
with bottles and so I soften
towards the people
towards the city
and onwards

you know what I mean?
when your eyes can be fully wide
and everyone is kind of tan
it's the softest thing
there's even sand
full of cigarettes and ants--

I wish I didn't dread the
familiarity that I also long for
dread the context of
this planet at large but
right now the light because
then what,

--some leftover gray meat
in sauce, something German,
pizza, anarchy
the moon bright like my pants
smoke and tents and carriages
without babies
big blonde babies and others
in dirty carriages
bright frisbees like the moon
everyone in their groups