Thursday, October 18, 2018

Everything, Evening

This Very Precarious Moment Makes Me Want 
To Give Everything A Title, To Keep Things As Clear 
As Something With A Name
Seasons, The Cold And It's Unease Are Seeping In
But This Isn't Just A Season, I Want To Find Tactics As Clear 
As Giving My Life To A Monastery
Scrambling For A Name For The Feeling
And An Action For The Name
All I Know How To Do Is Write Draw Sing Sew
So I Just Do It, Frenzied And Fine

Titling Is One Action To Take
Calling Myself An Artist Without Hesitation
A Curse Or A Blessing? A Power Or Weakness?
The Vibe And Visuals By Chance And By Choice For This Precarious Moment
Are They Important Or Arbitrary
E.G., Billowing Sateen, Syrup On The Passenger Seat
Evening Dress French Silk Metallic Thread Glass
Everything / Evening 
Everything As An Evening Gown
Painting A Gown In The Evening As My Everything
Does It Matter If That Makes Any Sense
How Irresponsible Is Or Isn't It
To Document This Human Frivolity And Beauty
To String My Friends' Names Into A Song
Beauty Because Beauty Because Beauty
I Keep Trying To Sum It Up
The Last 25 Years Have Been So Important
9/11 Iraq Obama Occupy Arab Spring Trump And UN Climate Report
It's Called "The Post-Truth Era" And Also "The Anthropocene"
I Know Several Newborn Babies And There Is This Ultimatum Of Twelve Years

In My Life Of Making Things 
I've Named Things With Nouns And Subbed Nouns For Notions
Nouns Feel More Active Than Trying To Make A Statement
Flower Puppet Silver Puppy Wave Whirl Etc.
Because They are Immutable Symbols, Immutable Vibes?
Because We Are Collectors?
Gleaners, Just Like How The Bee Documentary Described Bees
The Documentary Said The Flowers That Are Beautiful To Bees 
Are The Same Ones That Are Beautiful To Us
The Flowers Whose Scents We Find Pleasing
Are Also Their Favorites