Sunday, March 25, 2012


woke up at 6:15 scared for my life
cos i was going home and i couldn’t
remember if anyone loved me there
woozboy in the telepathic desert –
many mirages of telepathic deserters

the woman next to me applied
purple lipstick holding it with both
hands like a rat her grown son slept
in the crook of her arm

i saw time standing still on a river bank
a lonely power plant with frozen clouds
solid white attached to the smokestack
it really wasn’t moving or i couldn’t see

i’m watching wax face leaning
over wax face yellow wax face
kissing flaccid death mask
crying tears with an oily sheen
sheen that looks like bird shit
crying bird shit tears down
his big yellow nose into
her mouth          i’m
reading your lips i think
they say “come back” ???

its perfect that you live in this doorway
cos its right outside our doorway
we can come get you so easily

i have to whittle myself into a seed
to fit in this house

all you women who were big with
hairdos are my mother
i feel you snarling in san fransisco

crying like the most frightening thing
because she’s allergic to crying
her throat starts to close and
she chokes on her words the
tendons in her neck jut red
she sounds like a bleating lamb
or a deer with an arrow through its lung

she is small and frightened
with a mother and stunted growth

brethren i have a highly potent
and selective memory
yes i remember playing dead

they can't school you
if you're already dead