Saturday, March 3, 2012

skEpTiCaL cuTie

  • It's the perfect time to hook up with the natural world--
  • even if it's pouring rain! You need a quick infusion of 
  • natural reality, and it shouldn't be too hard to find a 
  • place that suits your needs.
  • All sizzle no steak is definitely a burnt image to portray 
  • right now.
  • So if someone invites you to a masked ball, by all means, 
  • say yes! 
  • If someone else invites you to costume night at the 
  • roller rink, go to that, too! 
  • (Yes, you can wear the same mask).
  • Nothing worse than 
  • waking up to a chewed-off arm, right?
  • Heavenly influences surrounding you. Blessings are flowing 
  • freely like water. Abundance and spirit present. Bright 
  • promises. The presence of the Holy Spirit is with you.