Thursday, March 15, 2012

In the half sleep I try to
remember the words I
want people to see and
the story of the blind garden monitor
who tries to forget all
the words he wants no one to see
*big blue big and blue*
I'm saying
it makes me feel it makes me feel

(I am always at coney island there is always sand in my heart)

and I've been knowing about Ladies
Lib and Mary Poppins and
she’s all stick with me and
I'm all
it makes me feel

hot and slow brown ground
the desert square I'm knowing about
a tall stack of tires between each
a bag of big sand like
the princess and the pea
over and over
and over

and I'm saying
it makes me feel
as if the tire stack is moving but
I'm on this level with mirage and
she’s been kind so I asked for

and a square with brown ground
and the squirmy thick hot that
everyone knows about that clouds
a square with what you think of
when you think of a summer bbq
and meat and lines

(plus your dream about coney island turning into the desert)

and me and the blind garden monitor
make all the wrong decisions kiss
all the marble people’s parted lips
pupil-less people with tilted necks
and we kiss them until closing and
the busts become phantoms trans
generational ones it is a thing
I’ve been knowing about and I’m
all over and over all forgetting
the words I want no one to see
like presentable