Thursday, December 12, 2019

Fade Plan

I review the 
Fade Plan
late into the night
for my first visit

the goal is to
make yourself 

driving in the majesty 
of sunrise
I think I can see
the curve of the earth better 
in winter light 

a bronze cowboy 
struggling out of 
the brick wall
of the municipal building 
with his bronze horse
pained expression

it’s weird to put that poster there
a sterile posh interior
on the outside of a
rundown thing

store window reflecting icy
over the peach colored walls
and Christmas tinsel inside 

I recently have seen two 
different funeral homes
that right under where 
their signs say such and such 
they’ve put a giant

faded fruit decals
glistening near a loading dock
gliding in the majesty of 
the city on the map 
the frozen marsh
the trip 
on the clock 

at A.B.’s house  
the clock was so wrong 
I thought it was upside down
he asks me what skills I have
and tells me he met Obama 
at a coffee shop 

when I leave 
driving down the slope of Ridge Ave
in the majesty of sunset
I see out over the edge of the world
the bridge with 
iron flowers painted primary colors
at every joint and junction 

the map of the city
the circle
I lay in the tub
and feel like
I’m looking down at the ceiling
from up on the floor