Saturday, December 21, 2019

Liminal Ladies

doused in the white fluorescence of the airport
I can see just how dirty all of my clothing is
how wintered and spotted my face
ragged and static my hair 

I daydream a very wealthy lady
who lives in the air always
only touching down for fuel and food
swaddled in white noise, cloud views 

painting her nails glossy red
watching The Big Sleep on tv
biggest bubbles in her champagne 
endless pasta alfredo

so I skip the automatic dryer
using my damp hands to pull
lint and dog hair 
from my sweater 

to be liminal forever, the ultimate luxury
I love this lonely lady
I see her in a white unitard, leg warmers
and camel colored cashmere

I stretch at the gate
clasp my hands behind my back
drop my head and roll it from shoulder to shoulder
lift each foot to stretch each hamstring

try to embody my lonely lady
I hope everyone thinks I’m Italian
or a ballerina
or an Italian ballerina

I align all eight of the silver hoops in my ears
adjust the bun at the nape of my neck
make sure my silver bracelets 
are glinting and exposed

touch everything in my “personal item”
apply the balm and the salve
take out the b&w checkered scarf
lovingly fold, reinsert

I buy a toothbrush and toothpaste
recycle the cardboard, trash the plastic 
make a plan to stay in the tiny bathroom 
and pamper myself, for a very long time