Saturday, December 21, 2019

Twist 3

dtf who I wish I was
when you see me
it’s always the pants
an opaque leg
a departure from
the truth of my
body that gets me

meanwhile I was 
very prepared
for the climate protest
in which you had leadership
I thought I was waiting out
practice, the scaling
of the wall alongside
the mock freeway

suddenly I was alone

twist 1 is that I wasn’t
thinking outside the box
concerning my definition
of practice

twist 2 is no one does
think around
all the furniture
and traditions
the invisible fence
on the lawn of brain

all the groups like
rice patties 

all the crusty strangers
of adjacent scenes 

where? without me
I'm stuck but here
to wring poems 
for clean cloth

spread out

to blow seeds

group's origin 
in crop