Friday, December 27, 2019

Nothing Bundt Cakes 2

he got me a job at McDonald's
it was at the end of my grandma’s street 
in Santa Cruz 
it was the middle of the night but I walked over 
and made a Shirley Temple per someone’s order
using the many plastic packets provided 
which dosed out the grenadine and soda 
mixing the drink outside in the parking lot 
a cop sitting in his car behind tinted windows
listening to his dispatch radio 


to reclaim the idea that 
nothing is possible
that is poetry 
I baked a cake shaped like 
the queen of England’s crown
a duvet of jade colored marzipan spread
edges piped with edible metallic pearls  
it tasted like 
looking through the window of a moving train 
the sun rising over a frozen field
truly I baked a cake 
entirely out of 

the almost sleep
feeling of having
really big
far away
body parts 
that you might 
drive to