Monday, February 27, 2012



cavemouth, cavemouth
all you do these days
it seems
crawl into the sun
and lay lay lay

after the anchovies r all
laid out on the rocks
after the wood is all polished
with almond and orange oils
the cloths all sewn

last summer
was a little different
that’s when I…
[cavemouth rarely speak]
cavemouth evaporate

into the clouds
and stay as long as necessary
do the thing that make the most sense
[cavemouth make dirt pies all the day long]
eats em

nakie most the time
brown sun browned
sharped my teeth
fir snipping squash flowers
and rhubarb stoks

cavemouth make homes
cavemouth keep
all the old loves in the room
let em stay and learn to cut
their toenails with their teeth

while she sing to them
and bake them bread
and catch silver sardine
n tomatoes in her claw
and they eat so happy

somedays they wait
till I come home
but know I asleeped
floated downstream
to a new place

this time one
where I carve wood roses
for the darkwood altar
twelve ahrs 7 days a week
three months through

just long enough.
for missing.
then with special gifts
n sufficient funds
for three months’ time

send word tell em –
loosen free the housie
an float downstream
I grab on and we float down
down down down to a new one

this time a good place
for my babies to brown
babies to grown on shoogie dust
beignets dipp in black coffee
in crimpd tin cans

one my babies
slearning on thugold trumpet
thother one my babies
melting gold trumpets
makin em into rings