Sunday, February 19, 2012



workers saw “things” appear when they 
went to the toilet. once, when a woman 
entered the toilet she saw a tall figure licking 
sanitary napkins. [“Modess” supplied in the 
cabinet]. it had a long tongue, and those 
sanitary pads . . . cannot be used anymore.

we had our counter-measure. i think this 
is a method of how you give initial
education to the workers, how you take care 
of the medical welfare of the workers. the 
worker who is weak, comes in without break
fast, lacking sleep, then she will see ghosts!

(dark knight say what you do but you
do seem well eager to holler about
TINFOIL ON HER HEAD at dinner in the
restaurant when nobody did ask about that
and your rare meat is getting cold there
and you let the ladies mind the babies).