Sunday, February 26, 2012

little museum

which give more resistance
which catch more air hey?
thot i was but not so sure

only way i know feeling
about all those modes:
badly &like i never do need.
complicate what already
can reconcile no part
of its self with the rest.

of the
world is much stranger
rangda much badder
barong much gooder

i can handle no neg
ation from no human
beans favor is mean
cool is death hate is
hate and theres no
way i less want b

cognizant gozlings
my pores to yours
seeps so much plur

got hev on the ground
ever y one is just so out
o practice n that’s o. k.
dreamp i was loudly telling
narrating to myself walking
around the Little Museum

walking through the
Bed Wings exhibit.