Tuesday, February 7, 2012

epic pet

I was too late it was already noon the bells were ringing I was escaping by choosing the late job in the itch fields the one I knew was too late and irrelevant I was escaping the crew that had slowly been growing rambling crusting and I was picking it was so late the blues and blacks all oozed the hot gold was heated they were past their prime for the pie no one gave all the pies all sliced of berries oozing slices of pie berries they ooze later so why not ooze now it was an excursion deserved the dust was oozing too dusty blacks dusty blues pie get em hot and sliced and goop shine they’re mine! Dust entrée no chose méchoui from the méchoui man with gloveless bloody hand handling bloody lamb butt spit spit it out spew out the spit GEORGE the méchoui man georgie the tree surgeon…lamb feed me I hungry too dusty try wine beer first wine later never vice versa etc. quit the breathing keep the eating the lamb butt keep the feeding all the frenchies all the babies none left at chez-them for the thunderstorm party an affair a real live affair with the lamb with the man all the frenchies love a fluent affair my painless brass monkey tendering d’orange absolutely beer many many monkeys dusty jam too dusty post once shiny blues the chateau 1692 my senior -loose! respect respect the monkey the lamb man georgie and the tan man with the hard hulk hands and the ever silver hairs and the everclear shares homemade man hands desperate for dusty drunk baby monkeys- translate? Quit crack em nuts crack em nuts crack crack fuck em nuts they dusty and blacks not oozing stuck like monkeys fuzz too dusty wicker weave cough hawk hawk come I got the bueno bueno 3 cents please sally BUENO-oh another parce I let you drop me some shine melty all crying its the Swiss’ fine shit d’orange and white and brown inside no dust they sealed tight super (tight) market up closed, no dust open air creil FUCK CREIL can’t say it bus babe can’t say it train to Paris so many minutes fuck the monkeys this dust hurts me I am HURTING I am hawking and now townes is all dead and there are only ghosts in the brilliant barns all frenchies all babies all paraded the rain fall fluent affair with the lamb man and the neglected jam cans and oh vermon your yellow get up 100 flower shovel nose milk rat get up you burn this wood burn it no one wants it don’t kill me vermon! don’t come near me not beer no never I swear 100 flowers I said monkey no brass d’orange is all gold like you like you butterlips oh I miss the cheese/curdles/yoyo/cottage chateau cow thang on glass a blast but say shovel nose I am hungry for dust now may I mother may I man hands holds his anon. rotgut he awaits me at the gates sylvere too his bum leg and spirits collected me first eek no shine but the silver star of sacy ghost world hanky panky squishy sneaks achilles’ heels 100 fleurs sorrel stuffed pocket mouth butter lip bitch the lovliest garden sally cork chic pie making lip hater itchiest twitch… oui stung nettle swamp Duchamp oozy booze tanhanman didididi memememe FRENCHIE see? Baby: everclear me d’orange I’ll peel I weel I’ll chop and tick pick I got lots sorrel soup 1 2 3 6 nights taters too plates upon a time breads 15 22 26 29 + many and more butter always lips witching “tripping…pine (at me) cones…collect…them…sylvere…collects…you…collect…cones…chose…collect protect me path du footing is dusty at 3 I don’t sleep the chez: teeny- my groom is a big baby of the new royal family I have the proof I have a tray I collect that way" collecting dust bunny monkeys and woofing hankys with butter lip drips and sorrel stuck flicks…farm dust tricks