Thursday, February 23, 2012

paint: nothing

It’s been a while
since I have thought about what not to paint even
since I had color in my creases
crusty brush bits and hardened hours
*You are now running on reserve battery power*
me and you both babe
that’s why no shit or shifts are being made
time to make that grande turne because
I’m that girl
and to be a girl is "heat and fluids and pain

don’t go out in the street too much because

do you think your cousin will want to marry you

if he sees you every day?

Hey kiddo”
don’t sweat it
don’t shave
the womb life will care for you
it’s all internal anyway

That itch to commit to
a little bit
of anything more than
the bits that I got
so I got them I’m
keeping them I
prefer my symbolism on the side and
my womb untied
What’s the deal with the moon GUYS?
blood stains and there’s tide
and that is something
truly on the side but
all I see is black beach at night
come morning cheerio soup that
milk and honey kind