Friday, February 17, 2012

a series of small and naughty vignettes a collab

nutella instead of french

and salmon for valentine's day

undercooked and tender

like the air I swear

Mama says pick your nose in private you pick it in public

I said fuck that and flicked bugs in the woods no hugs no magic

fancy gift basket cacao ya herd like hard drive worthy

get the best of me honey, no more shitty dittly

I’m giving you a charm its super lucky I tell you

kissed by the devil

“you are in love with everything”

she cries about her mama

and I want to cry across the country

I just checked the date on my iPhone because I have one now

the house is sticky

I went for a bike ride because the outside looked inviting

He was still in bed and we kissed a bit

Mama tells me that women are always trying to find the potential in men

Trying to change them

Today was not my valentine's day after

Just a one night standing in line on the subway

Just a one night standing around doing whatever

God you are so right

those type a socks always end up under a bridge

caked with dirt and shit

dying alongside a visor

and a latina baby toy

(2) déjà vus:

one was about a thing dynamic and

the other was about cold chicken

cause of hot flashes

and it is really hard to do homework

when the one you love is flying high

and doing what one does

when they want to be lame

and your uterus is on the wall

in 2 pictures

side by side

in the one picture

déjà voodoo

In my fashion class about Anthropologie,

we are currently discussing the difference between the biomedical model and the

psychodynamic model

personally I favor the biomedical model

she is far more seasonal


Who is my doctor?

Who is my father?

A series of small and naughty vignettes

I thought you thought you knew best…

every second it’s the craziest thing ever

that blows my mind

5 great styles

hot and pregnant with aliens

5 great maternity shops on mars

the world has seen better ways

Are you done with this carcass for now?